Mesa, Arizona auto repair and transmission service
Mesa Transmission Repair and Engine Maintenance
Having transmission problems? Bring your car in, or call us for a free estimate and lets get your car back on the road quickly and safely.
mesa transmission repair
Tune-ups are an essential component for the longevity of your vehicle. As long as you get check ups from your doctor, give your car a much needed check up too.
mesa tune up and emissions
Has your car's a/c unit gone belly up? Don't go without air conditioning any longer than you have to. We're here to help.
Mesa Air conditioning repair
Driving around town with low tread or bald tires can do damage to your car. AZ Lucky Star now sells top name-brand tires at a lower price.
mesa tires for sale
Is your car 'acting up'? Do you hear strange sounds you haven't heard before? Does your car feel like it's just not running like it used to? We can help you out.
mesa engine maintenance
Are you getting that 'clicking' sound each time you try and turn your car's engine over? Your starter and/or alternator might be going out.
mesa starter alternator repair
Come get your car repaired at AZ Lucky Star Transmission in Mesa, Arizona
AZ Lucky Star Transmission Repair is located in Mesa, Arizona on the crossroads of Guadalupe Rd and Country Club (AZ-87) next to the Chevron gas station. Our new shop comes with the latest hardware and software to properly diagnose and repair your vehicles problems getting you back on the road as fast as possible. For more information about AZ Lucky Star Transmission services please be sure to refer to the above pages available in the menu or click here for Complete Service and Repair and Transmission Service. We welcome new walk-in customers daily.
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Solutions for your car!
Get your car repaired in Mesa, Arizona at Lucky Star Transmission
Whether you're in need of transmission repair services, or complete engine maintenance, AZ Lucky Star is here to serve your automotive repair needs. Come in today for a complete oil and lube service, air conditioning, brake and basic engine service. If you have specific questions, or would like to receive a free estimate, please give us a call and our experienced automotive specialists will be glad to assist you and get your car on the road, quickly and safely, so you can focus on more important matters in your life. Contact us at: 480-966-1442 or email us at:

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